How Professional Copywriting Boosts Your Business

One of the most powerful tools in the marketing arsenal is copywriting. Effective marketing, including writing, is critical for your success as a small business owner in today’s competitive business world. After all, sales only happen if you’re clear about your offerings.

I’ve loved writing since I was a kid, but I know how frustrating it can be for others. As a professional copywriter since 2016 and owner of Tiffany Writes, LLC, I specialize in long-form, organic content that reaches your ideal audience to grow your business.  

Follow along as I dive into what copywriting is, why it’s essential for businesses, and how it helps drive growth. And BONUS, I’ll be providing valuable tips on hiring and working with a copywriter to maximize the impact of your marketing!

So… What’s Copywriting?

Over the past seven years in business, I’ve had at least three meetings that began with “So what do you copyright, and how does this process work?” The horror on their faces, when they realized I couldn’t copyright their product, was heartbreaking.

For those who are a bit confused about the definition, copywriting (write not right) is the art and science of crafting persuasive and compelling written content that motivates the reader to take a specific action. In short, a copywriter’s job is to write words that engage, persuade, and, eventually, sell. 

Copywriters use their knowledge and creativity of sociology and psychology to create impactful messages that resonate with their target audience. And while you may not have noticed it before, copywriting and copy is everywhere. When people think of written words, their first thought is fliers in a mailbox or any standard direct mail. But it goes even further!

Much of what you consume online is copywriting, such as web pages, free reports, newsletters, emails, and articles. 

What Makes Copywriting Important for Businesses?

Ultimately, the purpose of copywriting is to drive potential clients to action. If that’s signing up for a newsletter or buying one of your products, good copywriting leads your audience through a specific sales funnel. Here are a few other ways copywriting can affect your business:

  • Catches Attention: Our world is saturated with marketing messages, mottos, slogans, brands, and various logos, so captivating your audience’s attention is vital to making those sales. When you use effective copywriting, you’ll grab attention and make an impact by letting your business stand out amid the noise – reaching the people you need to!
  • Giving Value: People won’t buy or invest their time into a product they don’t think has value. A good copywriter allows your company to communicate your small business’s unique value effectively. When your company highlights the benefits, features, solutions, and other information of the products or services offered, you’ll persuade potential clients to connect with you.
  • Building Trust: At our core, humans are relational beings. We’ll rarely (if ever) put our money into businesses we don’t trust or respect. By presenting your company as knowledgeable, empathic, reliable, and clients-centric through copy, you’ll establish a strong brand presence and develop long-term relationships.
  • Driving Sales: As I mentioned above, the primary goal of copywriting is generating sales, and excellent copy does just that! Persuasive copywriting can guide clients through a specific buyer journey, whether encouraging them to visit your website, sign up for your newsletter, or book a free consultation.

How Copywriting Can Make Your Business Bloom

Now how does all of this apply to you and your business? There are multiple ways copywriting can grow your company, but here are my top favorites:

  • Brand Awareness: When you use copy that resonates with your audience, you’ll create engaging and shareable content that increases your brand’s reach and visibility to other potential clients and referral sources. And your people will create buzz and generate word-of-mouth referrals (yay for organic growth!)
  • Client Engagement: Quality copywriting means fostering meaningful connections with people. When you address problems, aspirations, and goals, you establish a strong emotional connection that helps bring people back for repeat business!
  • Conversion Rates: Persuasive content that communicates the value of your services boosts those conversion rates by a LOT. When you use a professional copywriter to write compelling email campaigns or create some bomb sales pages, it’ll maximize your ROI and let you stand out from the crowd.

Hiring and Working with a Copywriter

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of working alongside a copywriter, how do you find one? Before you begin your manhunt (or…womanhunt?), you’ll need to outline your marketing objectives and the tasks you need completed by a third party. This allows you to find a copywriter who has the right expertise in your marketing world. There are many types of copywriters, from those specializing in website SEO, captions, products and services, ads, and direct response copywriting. 

Once you’ve narrowed down your search, ask to see a portfolio. Reviewing their previous work to assess if their writing style works for you is crucial to pick the best writer for the job. Ask them plenty of questions to see if your project lines up with their specializations. 

Most copywriters will want to dig into your brand with you learning your brand voice, target audience, key messages, and your desired outcomes from marketing materials. Knowing the ins and outs of the business will allow a writer to align their writing style with your brand to attract your target audience.

As with anyone you outsource work to, be sure to communicate with your copywriter clearly your overall intentions and goals as you progress through your work together. Hiring a copywriter can make your business run smoother and improve your company’s health while freeing you to work at things you do best.

What Projects Can Copywriters Tackle?

We’ve nailed down what a copywriter does, how to hire one, and the benefits your business will see, but what are some tangible takeaways? 

  • Websites: Copywriters can wave a magic word wand over your website and POOF – all the copy is done! While that’s far from what actually happens, a skilled copywriter can craft search-friendly and informative website content that converts leads and boosts sales.
  • Marketing Material: With the keys on the keyboard clicking away, copywriters help businesses grab attention and make an impact by developing an array of tailor-made marketing materials, such as professional brochures, flyers, magazine articles, and newsletters.
  • Sales/Landing Pages: As copywriters, our primary goal is to use words to convert. We do this by writing persuasive sales copy and designing beautiful landing pages to secure clients, close deals, and skyrocket your revenue.
  • Blog Articles: We get down to the nitty-gritty and produce informative, entertaining, and engaging blog posts that help attract new clients while also establishing your business as a thought leader in your industry.
  • Email Marketing: In a week, we write more emails than we care to admit! Copywriters will create interesting email marketing campaigns that keep clients informed and engaged with the content you want to put out.
  • Professional Resumes: If your resume hasn’t been updated since 2012 and shows, a copywriter can elevate your professional image with a resume highlighting your skills, experience, and achievements.


If you’re a business owner and your brain is now spinning from reading all the time a copywriter could save you, you’re not alone! New businesses are popping up every day with a need for a clear, concise, and easy-to-understand copy to convert potential clients into lifelong clients. Hiring a skilled copywriter and using the tips in this article are a one-stop shop for creating interesting marketing content that resonates, boosts engagement, and creates tangible results for your business.

About Tiffany Anderson

Headshot of Tiffany Anderson, copywriter, sitting and smiling at the camera wearing a grey plaid blazer over. a black t-shirt

Tiffany Anderson is the owner and operator of Tiffany Writes, LLC, a full-service copywriting company specializing in long-form content. Tiffany has been published in several magazines, editorial pieces, and more throughout her career. In college, her writing skills took off under the instruction of several teachers who helped her come to her fullest potential. Tiffany’s mom, Shari, vividly remembers Tiffany writing “stories” on their 1998 desktop computer and knew writing was in her blood.

To learn more about copywriting, follow and connect with Tiffany Writes on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. Interested in speaking with Tiffany about copywriting or content marketing services, visit her website at Tiffany Writes, LLC.


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