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Owning a small business is a dream come true, but trying to manage operations, sales, service, and figure out your marketing alone is not. The great news is we are here so that you do not have to go it alone.

Brand management, websites, collateral, promotions, client reviews, reputation management, events, content marketing, blogs, videos, business listings, and social media management are a part of modern marketing.

Whether you are tackling these marketing processes alone or with a small team, Dreamtime Marketing can provide additional expertise, training, and resources to sustain a healthy and sustainable marketing program.

Are you ready to find the answers and solutions to take your dream business to the next level?

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As a small business owner or solo entrepreneur, you know it is important to connect with your ideal clients and customers in a timely and meaningful way.

Your dream clients are out there; however, uncertainty about where and how to best reach them in a rapidly changing world can leave you feeling stuck, frustrated, and stressed.

Are your ideal clients and customers local, online, or both? No matter where they hang out, our marketing strategy and implementation package can help you connect with your dream client and confidently grow your business.

Are you ready to find joy and confidence in managing your own in-house marketing program to grow your dream business?


Dreamtime Marketing was the perfect investment for our IOP clinic, Genesis. Hope addressed our needs and delivered a tailored marketing plan that was realistic to implement with our staff. Since using Dreamtime Marketing, we have noticed a steady increase of customer traffic to our social media and website pages. We highly recommend this service to any small business owner.


“It’s pretty indescribable how relieved yet empowered I feel after working with Hope at Dreamtime Marketing. An in-depth analysis of my website and social media helped reveal where to start, but it’s her follow-up and intuitive assistance that’s made all the difference. Talk about making it all easy for me!”


“Hope, CEO of Dreamtime, consistently provides value by educating me on marketing and branding best practices. Not only is she in step with what’s on trend, she engages with trendsetters, allowing all the companies she services to position at the front of the pack. Dreamtime is a dream come true.”


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Dreamtime Marketing is a marketing consultancy and training firm that serves ambitious CEOs, business owners, and solo entrepreneurs.

Hi, I am Hope Himel-Benson, a licensed clinical social worker with a successful marketing and business development career in the healthcare, legal, and nonprofit sectors.

For years I served clients of nonprofit and healthcare agencies as a licensed clinical social worker. Around 2003, I found myself also stepping in to support the same agencies with their website content, marketing, and social media management since they could not afford to hire outside assistance.

I am a self-professed information and resource junkie. Personally and professionally, I am most fulfilled when helping others connect to solutions that meet their needs and achieve their goals.

Hope Himel-Benson, LCSW | Founder of Dreamtime Marketing

In 2009, one of those agencies offered me the opportunity to become their first full-time marketer. This proved to be a life-changing and rewarding opportunity to live out my passion for helping others find and connect to much-needed information and resources–but through a new avenue. My path quickly transitioned from being a statewide leader in the social worker community to a highly respected marketing and communications professional across the Gulf South.

After nearly two decades of networking with small business owners and agency directors, I experienced that many did not have the benefit of a fully trained marketing and communications department. Born from a desire to help more businesses better reach and serve more people in their community, I decided to launch a consultancy and training firm to help bridge the gap.

Unlike traditional marketing companies, I founded Dreamtime Marketing on the core tenants and values from my professional social work and case management background. The values of individualization, self-determination, and integrity throughout the helping process guide my work to help clients reach their business goals and and dreams.

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Consulting & Training Services

Dreamtime Marketing offers one-time, short-term, and long-term marketing consulting and training services.

“HEY, HOPE” Consultations

As a small business or solo entrepreneur, have you ever desired to have someone knowledgeable and reliable to call as needed for marketing advice and resources? If so, “Hey, Hope” was designed especially for you.

Schedule a 60-minute or 90-minute phone or video session with Hope to get answers or tangible assistance with your most pressing marketing needs. Finish the call with clarity, confidence, and quick wins.

“Hey, Hope” Consultations offer a huge value to your business without further obligation or contracts. Schedule a single session and come back for more when needed. Payment is required at the time of booking.

Consulting and Training Packages

Packages are available for businesses who are ready to transform their business with regularly scheduled consulting, training, or coaching. Book a Discovery Call and let’s talk about what can work best for you.

Marketing Strategy & Implementation Plan

Dreamtime Marketing offers a comprehensive digital audit and strategic planning and implementation package. This package is specifically designed for ambitious business owners who want to bring or keep their online marketing in-house.

Your customized written plan will provide you with a modern blueprint, tools, and techniques to connect, build, and maintain relationships with your dream clients to in turn grow your business.

We start with a Discovery Call. We will discuss what is most important to you. What are your goals and dreams for your business? What are your greatest marketing challenges? What are your pain points? Who are your ideal clients? What have you tried? What is working and what has not? Where do you need the most support? What are your resources (people, time, budget, tools, etc.)? Are there any major changes anticipated in your business?

Next, we schedule a Strategy Planning Call. We send you some worksheets to gather detailed data for the call and obtain access to your marketing assets, social media and digital accounts, websites, analytics, etc.

Once completed, we begin with the first phase which averages 4-6 weeks. Here we use the latest social intelligence tools to complete a digital audit, research how your brand is currently performing online and on social media, perform a competitor analysis, determine target market influences and interaction, and more. We will also take a close look at your current marketing assets (print collateral, email list, CRM, etc,). Based upon your goals, interviews with team members and clients can also be included in the process. We assimilate all of the research and formulate your personalized Strategic Marketing Plan.

During this phase, we will have a few video or phone meetings where we share the findings of the audit process with recommendations to allow you to begin getting quick wins.

Once the comprehensive Strategy Plan is completed and presented in a final meeting, we will schedule the package-included training and coaching sessions to help you implement your strategic plan.

Phase two begins with 1:1 training which includes a plan for content development, creation, and distribution on the recommended and/or chosen platforms. We can review and help you revise or put new systems in place to effectively manage your marketing program. If needed, we can provide project management for supplemental marketing projects (i.e. graphic design, website updates, paid advertising, photography, videos, headshots, etc.). The training and coaching phase ranges from 3-12 months, depending upon plan elements and desired team schedule.

Schedule a complimentary 15-minute Discovery Call to learn how a Customized Marketing Strategy & Implementation Plan can empower and equip your small business to successfully manage a modern marketing program.

“Hope was so great and informative. The business profile was very detailed but easy to fill out. I highly recommend Dreamtime for your marketing needs. I’m sticking with Dreamtime because they are a winner.”


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