Dreamtime Marketing is a marketing consultancy and training firm that serves ambitious small business owners, service-based professionals, and their organizations.

Hi, I am Hope Himel-Benson. For years I served clients of nonprofit and healthcare agencies as a licensed clinical social worker. Around 2003, like you, I found myself taking on marketing responsibilities to support my organizations with their marketing, website management, content creation, and social media management since they could not afford to hire outside assistance. Wow! I cannot believe that was nearly 20 years ago!

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I am a self-professed information and resource junkie. Personally and professionally, I am most fulfilled when helping others connect to solutions that meet their needs and achieve their goals.

Hope Himel-Benson, LCSW, ACSW | Founder of Dreamtime Marketing

In 2009, one of those agencies offered me the opportunity to become their first full-time marketer. This proved to be a life-changing and rewarding opportunity to live out my passion for helping others find and connect to much-needed information and resources–but through a new avenue. My path quickly transitioned from being a statewide leader in the social worker community to a highly respected marketing and communications professional across the Gulf South.

After nearly two decades of networking with small business owners and agency directors, I saw firsthand how many did not have the benefit of a fully trained marketing and communications department. Born from a desire to help more businesses better reach and serve more people in their community, I decided to launch a consultancy and training firm to help bridge the gap.

Unlike traditional marketing-based businesses, I founded Dreamtime Marketing on the core tenants and values of my professional social work background. The values of individualization, self-determination, and integrity throughout the helping process guide my work to help clients and their teams reach their business goals to support their own life’s dreams.

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