Dreamtime Marketing Announces New Partnership Offering Website Accessibility For Clients

Dreamtime Marketing partners with accessiBe, leveraging their AI solution to improve website accessibility for clients. We aim to ensure equal access to information and services for individuals with disabilities.

Baton Rouge, LA – September 11, 2023 – Dreamtime Marketing, a boutique marketing consultancy, proudly partners with accessiBe, a leader in web accessibility solutions. As a member of the accessiBe Partner Program, Dreamtime Marketing gains user-friendly solutions for accessible and ADA/WCAG 2.1 compliant websites. This strategic partnership empowers clients with accessiBe’s cutting-edge AI-driven tools, enhancing the user experience for all visitors.

“Joining the accessiBe Partner Program was an easy decision,” said Hope Himel-Benson, the founder of Dreamtime Marketing. “We are thrilled to offer our clients the opportunity to ensure website accessibility, achieve compliance, and mitigate legal risks.”

By harnessing the power of accessiBe’s cutting-edge AI technology, clients of Dreamtime Marketing can effortlessly deliver a fully accessible experience. This groundbreaking solution not only saves businesses valuable time and resources but also guarantees ADA/WCAG 2.1 compliance. With its automatic remediation, customizable widget design, and assistive technologies, accessiBe provides a comprehensive accessibility solution for any website, empowering businesses to create an inclusive online environment.

Ensuring accessibility is not only ethical but also enhances a business’s reputation, expands its consumer base to include over one billion people with disabilities worldwide, and reduces legal risks. accessWidget enables website visitors to customize the site to their preferences and performs 24-hour automated maintenance scans on new and updated content, along with monthly compliance audits.

“We are committed to partnering with professionals, from web agencies to freelance developers and marketers, to equip them with the tools they need to open their client’s websites to the disability communities,” said Shir Ekerling, co-founder and co-CEO of accessiBe. “We are thrilled to partner with Dreamtime Marketing to help their customers achieve and maintain web accessibility. This is an important part of participating in global inclusion efforts.”

Contact Dreamtime Marketing to learn about ways to enhance the inclusivity and accessibility of your business website. Request a complimentary website accessibility report and demonstration for your business today.

About Dreamtime Marketing

Dreamtime Marketing is a boutique agency empowering service-oriented professionals and organizations to achieve growth and make an impact. We prioritize strong client relationships for success. Our flexible, customized services enhance your brand to connect deeply with your ideal clientele. Our founder’s expertise in social work and marketing positions us at the intersection of empathy and strategy. We offer personalized marketing strategies, coaching, and ADA-compliant websites. Based in Baton Rouge, LA, Dreamtime Marketing helps providers nationwide drive business growth and make a positive impact.

About accessiBe

accessiBe is the market leader in web accessibility. Trusted globally by more than 180,000 industry leaders and small businesses alike, accessiBe streamlines web accessibility, helping to make websites accessible to more people and compliant with worldwide legislation. accessiBe’s vision is to help make the internet accessible and a more inclusive space. By collaborating with the disability communities and making web accessibility accessible for everyone regardless of budget, knowledge, or resources, we can create real change.