17 Useful Tips for Writing Marketing Emails that Look Good, Get Read and Lead to Action

Are you sending out marketing emails that don’t get read? Are you not getting the results you want from your email campaigns leading you to believe the myth that “email is dead”? If so, I beg you not to believe it.

When it comes to marketing, email is still one of the most effective and affordable marketing channels. Still, many business owners struggle with marketing through email. But with some planning and these easy-to-implement best practice tips, you can write emails that get results.

1. Use clear, concise, & catchY Email subject lines to stand out.

When it comes to email, you want your subject line to be clear, concise, and catchy. Remember that your subject line is often the first thing people will see, so make it count! A great subject line will help your message stand out and grab your reader’s attention.

2. Include your recipient’s name in the Email subject line and/or greeting.

The recipient’s name should always be included in your email’s subject line and/or greeting. This common courtesy makes the recipient feel valued, respected, and important. Simply seeing their name in the subject line or greeting can set you apart and even make someone’s day. It certainly is more personal than “Hello” or “Hi, Friends.” So, next time you’re about to send an email, take an extra moment to include the recipient’s name in the subject line or greeting– it might just make their day.

3. Use a clean background so that your text is the focus.

When creating an email, it is essential to use a clean background so that your text is the focus. A cluttered background can make it hard for the recipient to read and decipher your meaning. This look will ensure that your message is clear and easily readable.

4. Use a professional font like Arial or Times New Roman and ensure it is large enough for readability.

Using professional fonts like Arial or Times New Roman will make your emails appear more professional and easier to read. To increase the chances that they read the entire email, make fonts sized well for mobile devices and viewers who require larger print for reading comfort.

5. Add visuals (e.g., images, gifs) for added interest and entertainment value.

Images can help capture your reader’s attention and make your emails more interesting and engaging. Also, as they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” You can also reduce the amount of text in your email by linking images to the reference information you want to share. Try adding a relevant image to your next email and see how it impacts your results.

6. Place the most important information at the very top of your email.

When emailing clients or colleagues, always place the most critical information at the top of the email. This placement assures they can easily see what they need to know without scrolling through the entire message. You’ll ensure that your recipients will see it and be able to act on it right away.

7. Use short concise paragraphs and make sure that the main phrases stand out.

Keeping paragraphs short makes emails easier to read and helps maintain focus on the essential information. This method lets your readers quickly understand what you’re trying to say. The bonus is shorter paragraphs also make your emails more visually appealing and engaging.

Hemingway Editor is a helpful desktop to help cut out the excess and make paragraphs more concise and bold.

8. Use bullet points to help people skim the important content.

Use bullet points to highlight the important content in your emails. This tactic will help your recipients quickly identify what they need to know. Plus, it’s a good way to organize your thoughts before hitting send!

9. Use a conversational tone of voice and the word “you” as often as possible.

When emailing, use a friendly, conversational tone to help create a more personal connection with the reader. Using the word “you” throughout the email will help you come across as relatable and personable. It’ll make your emails more interesting to read also.

10. Add clickable links for readers to quickly take action or view referenced information.

Adding clickable links in emails is an effective way to increase your engagement rates. Links allow readers the opportunity and ease of taking action or viewing referenced information from within their inbox without going out onto other websites! If they click it, you know you sparked their interest, and your message is on the right track.

11. Make sure your email formatting looks good on both mobile and desktop devices.

When composing an email, it’s important to remember how it will look on mobile and desktop devices. To ensure your message comes across clearly, no matter what device it’s being read on, take a few minutes to review your draft email on both. Most marketing email software programs provide a “preview” option. If not, email yourself a test copy and open it on your phone and your computer to view it.

12. Add social media icons to your email.

If you have social media pages for your business, including the social media icons with clickable links at the bottom of your email is a super-easy way for your readers to connect with you on social platforms. Whether they’re looking to follow your blog, connect with you on LinkedIn, or stay up-to-date on your latest news, readily available icons can make all the difference.

13. Include a clear call to action in every Markting email.

A call to action (CTA) makes it easy for readers to take the next step, whether clicking through to your website or responding to your message. By including a CTA in every email, you’re guaranteeing that your readers will know what you want them to do. You can create CTAs using clickable links with text or buttons. Other examples include “download now,” “schedule a consultation,” sign up today,” “read the article,” “join the Facebook group,” “listen to the podcast, and “purchase now.”

14. Use a professional email address that matches your company’s branding.

Gmail and Yahoo may be free, but they are best for personal emails. Business-branded emails convey that you are a serious professional and create a cohesive and consistent look to elevate your company.

Likewise, employees should use only company-branded emails for business purposes. Branded emails provide confidence that an individual is authorized to communicate on behalf of your company. Using company-branded email addresses also allows you to maintain all communications within your email platform.

15. Proofread before sending out an email to avoid typos or spelling errors.

Before hitting “send,” proofread your email to avoid embarrassing typos or grammatical errors. When possible, have someone else proof it also.

Tools like built-in editors and grammar checks are helpful but not always 100% accurate. For extra help, Grammarly has a free plan covering spelling, grammar, and punctuation, plus upgrades for improved editing options.

Speaky Article Voice Reader is a smartphone app that can read text back to you, allowing you to hear things your eyes may miss.

16. Schedule Marketing emails at the BEST TIMES for your readers.

One way to improve your email success is by scheduling your emails to send at the best times for your readers. This way, they’re more likely to see and engage with your message.

To figure out the best times to send your emails, consider when your readers are most active and when they’re likely to be checking their inboxes. You can also view your analytics to see what works best for your audience.

17. Limit how often you send marketing emails.

Do you ever feel bombarded by emails from certain brands and get so annoyed that you unsubscribe? Unless you are a news outlet, retail store, or “tip of the day” brand, constant emails become exhausting to readers. Also, emails at too high a frequency do not give readers sufficient time to read, digest, and use your valuable content. They may tire of it and unsubscribe when this goes on too long.


Look at your email marketing and see where you could make some of these simple changes. Not only will they help your emails stand out, but they’ll also be more effective in getting people to take the actions you want them to take. Seventeen tips may seem like a lot, but it’s important to remember that each one can impact the success of your email marketing strategy.

Download and print your free handy checklist and start writing better marketing emails today!


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