Syncing Your Desktop and Laptop Computers Is Good for Business

Make Your Two Computers Work For You, Not Against You

Having a desktop and a laptop computer can be an excellent idea for small business owners and busy marketing directors. Many opt to have both an office desktop computer for comfortable viewing and faster speed while simultaneously using a laptop for working on the go. However, working from two different devices can cost you extra time without realizing it.

Have you ever found yourself making unplanned trips back to the office to get marketing files from your other computer to complete an offsite task? Have you ever experienced not scheduling your social media posts as planned because the images you created were on your other computer? Perhaps you even found yourself heading to meet a client, only to realize that the presentation you created for them was on your other device. In any of these cases, you lose valuable time and productivity, and neither is beneficial for your business.

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The Magic of Syncing

If you regularly work from two different computers, syncing them gives you the ease of just opening any of your devices and getting to work. Syncing your devices means that you can stop working on whatever computer is at hand and then later open the other and pick up right where you left off. Each time you use the opposite device, it takes only a couple of minutes to sync automatically over a WiFi connection. Like magic, you will see your files and folders shuffling and re-organizing. In a matter of minutes, your desktop will look just like the one you most recently used. Any newly created files will now appear, and deleted ones will be gone. There is no need to save documents and images to a USB drive or email them to yourself. You can pick up where you left off and keep going.

The consistency and ease of access are a tremendous benefit, not only for saving time but also for reducing mental fatigue. Having everything identical on your devices means one less thing your busy brain has to process. That can bring a little magical relief also.

How to Sync Your Desktop and Laptop Computer

Mac desktop with laptop and tablet

If you are an Apple device user, this “How to Sync Your Mac’s Desktop and Documents to Other Devices with iCloud article from How-To-Geek walks you right through it with ease. 

If you are a Windows 10 user, this “How to Sync a Laptop and a Desktop in Windows 10?” article from AOEMI Tech will guide you through the steps.


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