5 Mindset Moves To Substantially Expand Your Business

I’ve heard it said that successful people do what unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do. I don’t believe it’s about willingness at all; I think it’s about mindset. The wrong mindset can be the downfall of your business.

You see, your brain is instinctually wired to keep you safe… at all costs. That means it will do whatever is necessary to keep you from acting on something simply because it thinks you’re in danger. Your brain will steer you clear of things that it’s been wired to believe may do you harm.

For instance, your brain may guide you to avoid things like calling new leads, going to networking events, or accepting a request to speak to a large group. It can keep you from participating and interacting on Facebook Live or Zoom. Activities that could drive you unlimited amounts of business and, therefore, income may be avoided intentionally.

Your brain has received messaging in the past, creating a catalog of what could harm you. Physical harm and emotional harm are all the same to your mind, so it is just as terrifying if you’re concerned about what other people think or that you’ll be judged on your appearance or embarrass yourself in front of others.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. This is an instinctual response we all have, but most people don’t know that we have control over it. We can rewire our thought patterns to enjoy public speaking, look forward to meeting new people, and therefore allow the best of success to gravitate towards us like a magnet.

Release. Retrain. Repeat is a process that works for me and for thousands of others to rewire and change thoughts into a powerful mindset that will work for you instead of against you. Here are five critical mindset shifts that I have found most beneficial over the years.

Mindset Move #1

There’s More Than Enough”

Often, we walk around thinking about what we don’t have, not about what is possible. How many times have you heard yourself saying, “I don’t have enough time” or “I can’t afford that”? The mindset of lack says we do not have enough… of anything: not enough prospects, not enough time, not enough money, not enough people, not enough space, not enough help, not enough support. The list goes on and on.

Now ask yourself, when is the last time you thought, “I don’t have enough oxygen.” Unless we are scuba diving, we don’t think about oxygen or breathing. Our environment is made up of the perfect amount of oxygen that our human bodies need.

And that is what the mindset of abundance says too. There is always enough; there is always the perfect amount. The truth is, we get exactly what we need, exactly when we need it. We may not see it or know where it is coming from next, but having a mindset of ‘more than enough’ is critical to keeping you out of lack and into building your success.

Mindset Move #2

“You Don’t Have To Work Harder

We have all had times when we needed to burn the midnight oil when a project just needed the extra hours; however, always having the feeling that your business hinges on how hard you work is destructive. This stems from our first point, a mindset of lack. I don’t have enough, so let me push more, work harder and longer, even force results to happen.

Doing more of the same thing doesn’t mean you’ll get more or better results. You may get less. I know there have been times I am driving myself into the ground… only to discover I was going down the wrong path. Slowing down is challenging because we’re business owners, executives, and leaders. We’re passionate about accomplishing and pushing to the next place. A mindset of working less and allowing success to flow in is not a natural one.

What if you can do what you do more efficiently or effectively, with ease and flow? Now that’s a great mindset! The best place to start is to set your thoughts on exactly what you want to attract, exactly which clientele, exactly the scope of the projects, exactly the dollar amount. Build the plan and then only do the most income-producing items. All the little things will get done; focus on the most important things, things that will bring you income. You will build a mindset of certainty, and that kind of confidence is very attractive. People will want to do business with you. That is what I call ease and flow, all while you work fewer hours.

Mindset Move #3

“That Was Easy

Making a mountain out of a molehill used to be a specialty of mine until a mentor suggested I would benefit from visualizing and confirming how easy tasks can be. She suggested I buy an Easy Button from Staples. It was a brilliant marketing campaign they did years ago to advertise how they could make running your business easier. It was so successful that they produced and sold the talking button.

Yes, I bought one, and I put it on my desk. Each time I found myself procrastinating or avoiding a project I’d hit the Easy Button to remind me that the task was likely easier than I thought. It would urge me just to get started. And once I got started, the mountain always got smaller, and my brain made a new connection that any project could be easy.

In the end, the Easy Button did retrain my brain to believe that things are much easier than they look or how I blow them up to be. Now, if a project or task seems overwhelming, I think to myself, “Let me just get started,” and sure enough, I usually end up saying, “That was easy!”

Mindset Move #4

“You Are Not An Island

Help is not a four-letter word. Well, technically, it is, but it’s a positive one, not a negative one. You are not an island. You cannot do it all. There are unlimited resources everywhere, but we tend to think we can do it better ourselves. We believe it will cost too much, we don’t know where to find it, or we don’t know where to start. That is a mindset to change if you want more business and more peace.

There are inexpensive and even free services out there, and other people are taking advantage of them. Connect with other prolific and abundant-thinking people, and you will find quality work at sometimes incredibly affordable prices. Keep asking, keep looking and get excellent references. My go-to is Dreamtime Marketing. Once connected, they have turned me on to countless resources that they have researched and have experience with.

Help is not usually without any price, but it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. The key is to believe it’s there and believe that you can let go of large chunks of work that someone else is better at. You will be released to do what you do best… and get paid for it.

Mindset Move #5

Stick To Your Strengths

Professional athletes depend on their strengths for their success; you should too. So often, we struggle with all the things we are not good at, trying to get better at them as if one magical day we’ll be good at everything. The truth is, the things we are gifted at come effortlessly; literally, with so little effort, we fail to recognize it as a strength.

The whole purpose of you on this earth is to give the gifts you have to the benefit of others. Stop trying to write the blog or build the website when your talents lie elsewhere. Someone else has those gifts, and it comes easily for them. Let them use their skills and fulfill their purpose so you can pursue yours. If you make people laugh, stop doing your own taxes. Maybe organizing is your jam; then serve others with it.

If you’re as unsure about your gifts as I was, get to Googling and find the multiple gift and strength tests out there. My advice is to do several, compare them and marinate on the results. Take some time to think of all the ways you use your gifts and how you can use them even more to enhance your success. It takes so little effort to do what comes naturally. Learn what those gifts are for you and stick to them.

Moving your mindset can drastically move your business in the right direction. Recognizing the thoughts that you’re not benefitting from and deciding to retrain your brain with better ones is truly the savviest and easiest way to guarantee to expand your business success. I call it Release. Retrain. Repeat.… operating from a level of confidence instead of habitual places of poor thoughts.

Your success is waiting on you; if you can change a thought, you can change anything!

Patsy Burdine is a speaker, author, and trainer for PlayTallToday™, a consulting company specializing in mindset management for women. Patsy’s most recent book, Stop Letting Your Triggers Terrorize You, outlines her signature approach to changing habitual negative thought patterns and therefore, getting the best results out of life and business. Patsy’s expertise in the human mind comes from over two decades of renowned business success as well as a nursing degree. When not training or writing her next book, Patsy can usually be found traveling the world or spoiling her husband of 31 years and their precocious pup, Stella.

For more on mindset management for success in life and business, follow Patsy on Facebook and LinkedIn. Have any questions or want to schedule her to speak for your organization, email her through this clickable link.

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